Luxury Furniture

ACCSS outdone competitor by driving 25% lower CPA for a local Furniture Brand

Improved brand performance through Deterministic Operator Data and Lookalike strategies


A household furniture brand is up against many new competitors, and would like to make use of display channels to increase the awareness of their brand, and drive landings to their website.

  • Increase awareness of their quality furniture among competitors 
  • Drive landings to the website to encourage purchases
  • To accurately target consumers in the right market pool, the team made use of Amobee’s deterministic telco-based Data to identify and target consumers in the right life stages who may be interested in furniture.
  • ACCSS have also provided guidance to the client on the process of implementing our pixel on their website. Upon implementation, we were able to gather audiences to create lookalikes that helped increase our pool of audiences. This strategy outperform the rest of the strategies in this campaign.
  • While running a display campaign on Amobee’s DSP platform, we have concurrently ran a smart campaign on Google Display Network, with strategies including in-market audiences for home furnishing, and new movers.
  • Amobee’s DSP platform outperformed Google Display Network by 25%.



lower CPA against a direct competitor

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