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Bridging the gap between Online to Offline

Market Trends 2021 : Footfall traffic to the shopping malls are rising back up after a decline earlier this year.



The thing is marketing has grown more sophisticated, aiming to provide the customer with an integrated, seamless shopping experience online and offline.

After all, a majority of consumers do brief research on their smartphones before buying something instore, and a larger proportion browse products at stores before buying these online.

Brands understand and are responding to these trends. Omnichannel marketing has been picking up in other parts of the world, in Europe, the United States and Japan. Amazon, Sephora, Nike, and Uniqlo have achieved some success with this approach.

Brands are opening brick-and-mortar stores in the hopes that diversifying sales can bridge and enhance the consumer’s journey. But this approach will only work if the brand has already built up an online reputation and can drive traffic to their physical stores.

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