Our Technology 

Through the use of Amobee ID, we are targeting audiences on a person and not device level. With that, we are able to effectively plan for media strategies across different channels, while minimizing audience overlap. This will result in lesser media wastage, and better use of budgets across unique audiences.

Audience messaging, measurement and exposure across a person’s multiple browsers and devices can also be done by leveraging on Amobee’s identity graph.

Our other solutions


Increase efficiency by managing the entire media portfolio through ACCSS. With Audience syndication, we are able to connect the dots across all channels to reach your target audiences everywhere they are online. We are also capable of making accuarate predictions on what and when audiences are available, and forecast anything from inventory pricing metrics to audience reach, frequency and overlap.

With ACCSS, you will be able to set up, manage, and measure campaigns in a single, centralized location. Our platform is also able to ingest media plans and tracking sheets – minimizing human errors, and making workflow more efficient. Besides the availablity of Amobee’s deterministic audiences, we are also able to collect and activate client’s First Party Data. Brands will also have the option to make use of our Brand Intelligence tool to gather information on contextually relevant insights that can be activated on our Advertising platform as well.

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