Ability to run Display and Social concurrently for our Education client to drive incremental performance

Improved program sign-ups with a mix of display and social strategies


Effectively reach out to students 13 years old and above as well as parents to sign up for the Scholarship program offerings

  • Increase page lands to the Scholarship program offerings page 
  • Increase form fills for program sign ups
  • ACCSS is able to run Programmatic display ads and social on the same platform. Allowing them to be managed concurrently to drive the best performance.
  • Utilizing Amobee’s deterministic telco-based Data, the team was able to accurately identify our target audiences. Together with the dual goal optimization, particularly students who were interested to sign up as well as their parents who have the spending power.
  • Along with Automated Bidding, the team made use of different retargeting strategies available in Amobee’s Platform to drive page sign ups. These include Frequency/Recency Retargeting, where users are targeted based on visits on a given time frame (all time and past 7 days), and Velocity Retargeting, which highlight users who have increased their rate of visit on key landing pages (increase of 20% visits). Different bidding strategies were set for each of these strategies in accordance to how valuable the impression is.
  • With the combined efforts of these strategies, the campaign drove an ideal CPA which was 30% lower than the client’s expected goal.



30% Lower in CPA

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