SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a process of getting visibility and traffic through Search Engines’ Organic results

In today’s context, as long as you have a web presence, you have to ensure your website is search engine friendly so that search engines can pick your website up on the organic search results page.

ACCSS will be able to provide insights and advices on how to ensure that your landing page is fully compliant and optimized to obtain optimal performances.

How does SEO work?

There are a few main criteria of ensuring that your website is SEO optimized.


  • Content: You must have relevant and fresh contents on your website. Contents must also be unique and not copied, as search engines may penalize you for copying contents.

  • Performance: Your website load must be fast enough. If too slow, search engines will not pick you up.

  • Authority: It will be good if you have good referral links from authoritative sites, as that will indicate the popularity of your website.

  • User Experience: You must ensure easy navigation on your website, and low bounce rate. Ensuring that your site is safe is also key to good SEO.

How do we optimise?


Contents and Website Infrastructure


  • Ensuring relevant contents to match to keywords to be optimized. Keyword research is necessary to understand the volume of searches

  • Ensure best website infrastructure and architecture in terms of ease of navigation, usability.


Referral traffic from other online sources


  • Developing a set of high quality, relevant inbound links
  • Ensuring relevant and active social media presence

With an astounding volume of searches on search engines of 6 over billion per day, SEO becomes an important and fundamental aspect of all digital marketing.

Amobee Brand Intelligence ingests more than 60 billion digital content engagements everyday. With insights from Brand Intelligence, we are able to gather insights of keywords related to the content that target audiences are reading about. Using these keywords come up with a search strategy using these additonal keywords.

ACCSS will be able to provide insights and advices on how to ensure that your landing page is fully compliant and optimized to obtain optimal performances.

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