Video solutions designed to suit your marketing goals

ACCSS offers a wide range of Video solutions, which includes CTV, that cater to the different stages of the marketing funnel. To help build brand awareness, we can maximize reach by targeting relevant audiences uniquely regardless of the devices that they are on.  Amobee’s DSP is also integrated with major supply partners which will allow brands to reach audiences on top sites and apps.

Additionally, we are able to reach linear TV audiences through deterministic linking of Amobee’s platform to Singtel TV exposure data. This will allow brands to customize messaging across all screens, and to maximize TV planning with the most effective reach and frquency.

Amobee’s DSP platform supports dual-goal optimizations which allows a combination of viewability and performance as goal when running video campaigns.

Our expertise is making media buying more efficient and effective.

Video solutions designed to suit your marketing goals

  • Recognised as a Leader of Cross-Channel Video Advertising Platforms by the Forrester Next Wave™
  • Multi Screen Video (CTV, Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile)
  • Performance and Pricing Guarantees
  • Wide Range of Targeting Options (In-demo, Amobee Audience, Partner Audience, Contextual Targets)
  • Negotiated Premium Publishers Rates

ACCSS is able to guarantee video  and CTV outcomes based on different marketing objectives. For brands with upper funnel objectives, we are able to guarantee results such as in-view rates and unique reach. For consideration and engagement objectives, outcomes such as viewability, and completed views can be guaranteed.

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