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Our Technology

Amobee’s Demand Side Platform, DSP or Advertising Platform brings convergence across platforms and channels within a single platform. Our platform gets through the challenges that we face in delivery, and optimise your goals in one single platform. We can unlock unique and powerful algorithm across web and mobile environments, protect your Brand Reputation with Amobee’s Brand Safe Supply and Real-time Filters, leverage on online radio, podcasts on premium broadcasters, deliver impactful storytelling with bespoked rich media, build and syndicate custom audience segments with Amobee’s audiences to social platforms, and reach TV audiences through Amobee’s deterministic dataset. Achieve your marketing goals through curated supply deals.

Our other solutions


Based on Amobee’s world leading performance algorithms, we can optimise to your goal. With unique dual-goal algorithm for video channel, we can optimize towards two goals simultaneously. Gain added control over recency retargeting through velocity targeting. Bid more for well-performing and relevant audience attributes, and bid less for the ones that are less relevant. Optimize creatives and messaging to lift campaign performance with Amobee’s experiment engine. This has ensured ACCSS is able to deliver on the advertiser’s goals while outpacing the industry on innovation.

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