Our Founder

Loo Cheng Chuan is an avid Technopreneur and Investor.
At a very young tender age, Loo developed a financial strategy allowing him to take advantage of his funds in CPF and in 2018, at 45 years old, Loo and his wife, Bee Yee, crossed S$1M in their CPF savings proving many sceptics wrong. A retirement fund that was typically criticised by the public for ‘locking up funds’, the term 1M65 is coined by Loo, who believes that his strategy can help many Singaporean couples become millionaires upon their retirement. His strategy has also been repeatedly featured in mainstream news and online media since then. In the same year, Loo was also one of the few non-civil servants to be awarded the Public Sector Transformation award in 2018 for his 1M65 efforts.

Today, Loo is happily married to his wife, and together they have three lovely teenagers who are also deeply grounded with good financial values, believing that wealth building begins young. Outside of his family, Loo regularly helps many fellow Singaporeans become financially independent through many of his free public talks and regular writings.

Other than a believer of financial independence, Loo has helped set up successful new businesses, a passion of Loo’s. Since graduated from the Stanford Sloan programme, Loo has set up his own e-Commerce business, Premiummall, and has also consulted and advised a number of companies including Endowus, Gushcloud, 2359 Media, CyberInt, and Amobee. Loo has moved even further now and founded ACCSS Digital, a spin off from Amobee and a preferred Managed Channel partner.

Loo has been featured in many publications for his work on the 1M65 movement.

“It’s simply creating a financial safety net by topping up your Special and Medisave Accounts at a young age, as young as possible, and just letting it compound over a long period of time to over half a million dollars,” he says. “Combine that with your spouse, you will reach a million dollars at age 65.”
Straits Times, Sep 2016

“Retirement planning for Mr Loo Cheng Chuan started in his 20s. That’s why at just 42 years old, the father of three has reached financial freedom – all with the help of CPF’s retirement schemes, he says.”
‘Are You Ready?’ by CPF Board, May 2015

“It really boils down to this: Between looking rich and being rich, which would you prefer?”
Yahoo, May 2018