Increase in website traffic 43% in both Singapore and Malaysia through the use of Search

Expanded into more categories targeting based on detailed audience insights from Brand Intelligence


A leading healthcare product supplier wants to improve website traffic through the use of Search. On top of this, they would also like to ensure that the consumers stay on their pages long enough to read about the niche products that they sell.

  • Increase traffic to their own website 
  • Drive engagement within the website to encourage consumers to read about the product before making purchases
  • The client had a preconceived notion that their target audiences only fall into fitness or health related categories. And they were very fixated on just targeting them. However with the use of Amobee’s proprietary Brand Intelligence tool, we were able to identify other categories that the same group of audiences are interested in.
  • By doing so, we were able to branch out to more categories, widening our pool or target audiences. Which in turn brought down our overall CPC, and increased traffic to their websites for both Singapore and Malaysia.


increase in website traffic

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