Hair Loss

Hair loss restoration brand reduced CPA by 16% with Brand Intelligence Precision Targeting

Improved brand performance through cost saving and customized strategies


A hair loss restoration brand wanted to optimize towards lower CPA for their search campaign. The CPC for their search campaign has always been extremely high due to the aggressive bidding of their competitors.

  • Reduce the cost per acquisition

  • Identify performing audiences profile, and incorporate results into Search campaigns

  • Since ACCSS had no experience working with this client, the team had little historical information on the brand. However, with the help of Amobee’s proprietary Brand Intelligence tool, we were  able to analyze the brand and its competitors to pick up trending keywords which was then used to target in our campaigns.
  • On top of that, the team came up with unique strategies tailored to the brand’s audiences that were  identified using Brand Intelligence. After extensive research done on the brand and its competitors, the team has decided not to over bid on CPC since competitors tend to overbid to remain in top positions
  • Strategies have also been created separately for desktop and mobile. This is to ensure that budgets were allocated to better performing devices. In this case, mobile devices did 20% better than desktop devices. 
  • By utilizing the audience insights gained from the converter group, bids were increased on those with similar profiles.


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