ACCSS Social

Amobee is among an elite group with API level access to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Snapchat

ACCSS provides end-to-end social campaign management complemented by Amobee’s unique data for unparalleled cross-channel activation. Brands are able to create sequential messaging to engage their audiences across multiple media channels, including social.

Extend reach on social channels with audience targeting using unique data sets such as Amobee and Partner Audiences.

Why social media marketing?

ACCSS’s Social team runs all aspects of social media campaigns, from :

  • Strategy: Using Brand Intelligence real time audience insights, we work out a social media strategy for our clients.
  • Content: Develop powerful contents to drive maximum impact and results
  • Influence: Tap into the power of influencer marketing
  • Dynamic Targeting: Dynamically optimize interest keyword targeting with social & web listening data from an extensive collection of cross-channel digital sources.
Cross-Channel Features Unique to ACCSS

End-to-end social campaign management complemented by unique data for unparalleled cross-channel activation

  • Dedicated Social Specialists: Dedicated and Best-In-Class Social specialists to manage all your social campaigns

  • Audience Targeting: Extend reach on Social with audience targeting using unique data sets such as Amobee and Partner Audiences

  • Frequency Cap Management: Frequency Cap Management across Display and Social channels

  • Sequential Messaging: Create Sequential Messaging to Engage your audience across Multiple Media Channels by Retargeting on Social

  • Campaign Dashboard: All-in-one Real-time Campaign Dashboard

Other products


ACCSS will be able to provide insights and advices on how to ensure that your landing page is fully Search engine compliant and optimized to obtain optimal performances.

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ACCSS helps brands bridge the gap between Online to Offline.

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ACCSS Web Services

ACCSS Web Applications Built to better usability and crawlability.

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ACCSS offers direct access to premium quality display inventory to help target the right audiences across different display channels.

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ACCSS Creative

ACCSS' Creative Services team is focused on connecting brands with people through a balanced approach of design, technology, and application of cultural trends to rich media ads.

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ACCSS offers a wide range of Video solutions, which includes CTV, that cater to the different stages of the marketing funnel.

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