ACCSS Search

ACCSS is the preferred Google Partner, one of a select group of companies whose expertise, training and competency satisfy Google’s stringent eligibility criteria

ACCSS provides end-to-end search campaign management. We have proven track record in delivering the highest performances for our campaigns across all different types of industries.

Using Amobee’s proprietary Brand Intelligence tool, we are able to idenify top keywords that audiences are consuming regarding a topic. With these keywords, we will then be able to translate them into useful information needed for the different search campaigns. 

How does Search work?

  • People use keywords or search terms to search for specific products and services

  • If the search query matches what people search for, your paid ad appears above organic Google search results, making it really visible.

  • When people click on your ad, they will land on your website to learn more, enquire or purchase.

Benefit of Search



You can measure your results down to impressions, clicks, CTR, number of enquires, number of calls, number of conversions, cost per enquiry/call/conversion, cost per click. This is good as you can measure returns on investment.


Cost Effective

You only pay when an ad is clicked on. And you can determine your own budget. Given time to optimize your campaign, your cost per click drops as your traffic increases.


Highly Targeted

You can opt for location, device, language and/or time targeting based on your business goals and needs. So less wastage and you reach the intended audience.



For your prospects who have not decided to enquire or purchase your products or services, you can collect these pool of cookies and retarget them. This serves as a reminder to them to come back to take action. This is one powerful advantage.

The Brand Intelligence Understanding Consumer’s Digital Behavior

Brand Intelligence is ACCSS’s proprietary technology platform. It analyzes and correlates over 60 billion content engagements (what people see, read and interact with) across the web, video, mobile, and social – every day to generate actionable insights.

Knowing the trend in real time, marketers make more effective decisions on keywords insights, and use these insights to make smart marketing decisions and improve the efficiency of media spending, audience targeting and delivery among other benefits.

Other products

ACCSS Locate

ACCSS helps brands bridge the gap between Online to Offline.

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ACCSS will be able to provide insights and advices on how to ensure that your landing page is fully Search engine compliant and optimized to obtain optimal performances.

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ACCSS Display

ACCSS offers direct access to premium quality display inventory to help target the right audiences across different display channels.

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ACCSS Creative

ACCSS' Creative Services team is focused on connecting brands with people through a balanced approach of design, technology, and application of cultural trends to rich media ads.

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ACCSS offers a wide range of Video solutions, which includes CTV, that cater to the different stages of the marketing funnel.

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ACCSS Social

ACCSS provides end-to-end social campaign management complemented by unique data for unparalleled cross-channel activation.

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