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Having a Web Presence is a necessary evil in today’s digital environment.

Most searches start online and your website becomes the main focal point where your potential prospects will read about you, and your services, and your advantage vis a vis your competitors. So having a website that is highly usable, and crawlable by search engines is fundamental in today’s context.

Usability: We ensure that your website is built to ease navigation and usability. It has to be made responsive to all browsers, and to all devices. Having just a super nice designed website without the usability is as good as nothing.

Crawlability : It is increasingly fundamental to improve your website visibility on search engines as that is the main gateway to online searches of any products & services. If your website is not made to be crawlable, no one will know that you exist.

ACCSS has a range of web builds options, from a simple landing page, a content management system website (CMS), an eCommerce website, to more complex web applications. We build to cater to different requirements/needs for your business.

Singapore’s e-commerce market was:
  • Valued at US$1 billion in 2015, with online shopping making up 2.1% of Retail Sales – the highest proportion of all Southeast Asian countries surveyed.
  • It is expected to be worth US$5.4 billion (S$7.46 billion) by 2025.

Digital Retail eCommerce Solutions

In light of the ‘SMEs Go Digital’ Initiative spearheaded by IMDA, ACCSS is proud to announce we are a pre-approved partner to offer ecommerce solutions to all SMEs.

“SMEs are eligible for up to 50% Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) support for the adoption of Digital Retail Ecommerce Solutions, a Pre-Approved Solution under the IMDA SMEs Go Digital programme.

Given the challenges faced by most SMEs, ACCSS, is bringing forth an end-to-end plan to handhold all SMEs to go digital. The plan will include :
  • Understanding SME businesses’ business model, and processes, and their value propositions. As well as understanding their challenges, and growth plans.

  • Deriving a solid ecommerce strategy in line with the businesses’ growth plans

  • Deriving an omnichannel digital marketing strategy that will drive towards the businesses’ goals and objectives.

  • Building an ecommerce presence base of the ecommerce strategy through a usable and crawlable ecommerce website

  • Putting in place analytics tracking that can measure performance

  • Training businesses on how to maintain their ecommerce website, as well as on how to analyse data that can help improve and achieve the businesses’ goals and objectives.

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